The next hot Scot is on his way

PT ripped cover REVEAL.jpg

William ‘Wasp’ McRae is coming! Isn't he gorgeous? Wasp and his twin brother Ally have long held a special place in my heart, and from the messages I've received about the series, you all love them too.

  • They're identical in their handsome looks but different in every other way

  • One is wild, the other takes care

  • One makes mistakes, the other finds beauty in everything

  • Their careers are polar opposites: One is a photographer, the other a model

  • But when they fall in love, it hits them equally as hard

You asked for their stories, and I've delivered. Wasp's novel, Picture This (Marry the Scot, #4), publishes August 8th, and his brother won't be far behind him.

The preorder is live at a discount of 2.99. Order now!

Jolie xx

p.s. here's a secret - if you update your copy of Hero (Marry the Scot, #3) via your Amazon account, the first three chapters of Picture This (Marry the Scot, #4) are now at the end ;)

  1. Go to (or go to your own country's Amazon domain)

  2. Go to Manage Your Content and Devices.

  3. Switch to “Settings” tab.

  4. Find “Automatic Book Update”, turn it on.

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