Oh Baby (Marry the Scot, #5) is live!

A mind-blowing kiss, a phone call he never thought he wanted... Ally is about to fall in love. Twice.

Ally gets by on his looks. Avoiding responsibility and not tackling his dyslexia is second nature to him, but there’s one rule he’s stuck by: ignoring Scarlet Storm. Until a chance encounter in a hotel leads to an unstoppable kiss. Then shocking news turns his life upside down: A tiny newborn needs him.

Scarlet knows what she wants. She has long lusted after her teenage crush—her beautiful brother-in-law. When their passionate encounter is interrupted by news of a child he has fathered, all hopes of a hookup go out the window. Maybe it’s for the best, as she's poised to take her career overseas.

Claiming the child and becoming a worthy father will take everything Ally's got, but he won't stop there. He wants Scarlet too. Yet a split-second decision will endanger his life, and the two people he loves the most could be lost to him forever.

This steamy and heart-warming standalone story is the fifth and final novel in the hugely popular Marry the Scot series. Read how the youngest McRae brother gets his happily ever after.

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Race You: An Office-Based Enemies-to-Lovers Romance

Race You: An Office-Based Enemies-to-Lovers Romance

Emma is fighting for her dream job … she has no idea she could win her dream man.

In a competition for the position of a lifetime, Emma knows she can’t beat her office enemy on skill alone. After Arnie sabotaged her first day, the boss has avoided her like the plague. Everyone loves Arnie, even though he’s the most annoying, lazy, hot, jerk she’s ever had the misfortune to work with. And dream about.

Arnie thinks only one thing when he looks at Emma—more. But with his self-imposed exile in London almost complete, he should be packing to return to the family business in Italy. His days working alongside his secret crush are numbered.

Forced to collaborate, Emma resists the chemistry between her and Arnie. If she gets too close, she may as well hand him the promotion, yet turning her back on the boss's favourite will destroy her chances. And leave her unemployed.

Only one of them wants to win. Both are risking more than their careers.

This standalone contemporary romance takes in the sights of London and the stunning Italian countryside. If you like Christina Lauren, RS Grey, and Sally Thorne, you’ll adore this humorous, chemistry-loaded novel. Buy this sparkling and steamy love story now.

Marry the Scot series out now!

“Come, lass. Get on a plane with me.”

Get ready to meet the men of Castle McRae, and watch them fall hard in love. Every book has a hot Scot, every story a wedding. Marriages of convenience and arranged matches are pitted against good old fashioned falling in love. Naturally, HEAs are guaranteed.

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