The Marry the Scot series features the McRae family of brothers. Every book contains a hot Scot, and each features a reason to be wed. This is contemporary romance and steamy. It’s suitable for an audience of 18+ due to braw Highlanders falling hard for their lady loves.

Did you know there is a bonus epilogue for both Storm the Castle AND Love Most, Say Least? And another for Picture This. You can find all my bonus freebies here.


Storm the Castle (Marry the Scot, #1)

"Come, lass. Get on a plane with me."


A Highlander walks into a bar...

My father's conference, to be exact. The Scot is huge, overbearing, and his gaze sets me on fire. He wants to take me home to see his mighty tower.

I'm tempted. I really am.

Except I just had a proposal from someone else. One that could give me everything I wanted.

Apart from love.

But when did I ever have a need for that?


I know what I want when I see it, and I'd move mountains for the lass with a whip-smart mind and killer legs.

But I came here to reclaim a debt. The man who screwed me over put my castle on the line. My ancestral home where I raised three brothers. I cannae let that lie.

If it means storming his party, then so be it.


Love Most, Say Least (Marry the Scot, #2)

The boy who has everything meets the girl who has nothing...when she nearly runs him over.

James Fitzroy's life could be called charmed. With an ancient name and a sprawling country estate, only an arranged marriage stands between him and his billionaire inheritance. But appearances are rarely what they seem. Traumatised after a tragic accident, speaking doesn’t come easily to James, and he cares little for anything, including who he weds.

Until the screech of brakes awakens him to all he can’t have.

Beth Grace might be descended from criminals, but she'd never follow in their footsteps. Apart from the one time she did. Now, even an invitation to go driving in Scotland with the world's most handsome man can't derail her from her plan to pay her dues. Besides, despite the startling chemistry, women like her don’t get to date earls. She couldn’t be further from what he needs.

Two broken souls can make a whole. There’s just the matter of a wedding in the way.


Hero (Marry the Scot, #3)

Her life was just getting started, while his was falling apart.

Ella has finally broken out of her gilded cage, but with her limited life experience, she doesn’t trust her instincts. Especially when it comes to the handsome Scottish pilot who plucked her from the jaws of danger. No way is she going to stumble upon Mr Perfect right away.

Gordain's military career is in freefall after a night he doesn't remember. His burning need for his best friend's younger sister is surely a knee-jerk reaction to his problems. He should walk away, yet he cannot say no to the lass.

When her evil uncle seeks to destroy Ella's happiness, a wedding is the only way to save her inheritance. Gordain is the only man she’d consider asking. But can he fake-marry someone he truly loves?


Picture This (Marry the Scot, #4)

The only man she loves is the one she can’t have.

Taylor has lived with threats and blackmail her entire life. Either she behaves like the perfect, dutiful daughter, or gives up her most desperate wish. With her father’s election on the horizon, the pressure is on to appear as the all-American family, including her marrying the son of the next president. Her final month of freedom could be her last chance of happiness.

Wasp has worked hard, building his name as a photographer, but he’s never forgotten the woman who first stole his heart. At a red-carpet photo shoot, his pulse races when he sees Taylor. No way does he expect her to be naked in his room within the hour.

One hot kiss leads to an indecent proposal and a cross-European bucket list tour. But Wasp is no longer the boy Taylor once knew. The clock might be ticking, but her hot Scot has his own plans. Even if he has to choose between love and his career.

The heat between them is enough to set the world alight, or burn everything they care about.


Oh Baby (Marry the Scot, #5)

A mind-blowing kiss, a phone call he never thought he wanted... Ally is about to fall in love. Twice.

Ally gets by on his looks. Avoiding responsibility and not tackling his dyslexia is second nature to him, but there’s one rule he’s stuck by: ignoring Scarlet Storm. Until a chance encounter in a hotel leads to an unstoppable kiss. Then shocking news turns his life upside down: A tiny newborn needs him.

Scarlet knows what she wants. She has long lusted after her teenage crush—her beautiful brother-in-law. When their passionate encounter is interrupted by news of a child he has fathered, all hopes of a hookup go out the window. Maybe it’s for the best, as she's poised to take her career overseas.

Claiming the child and becoming a worthy father will take everything Ally's got, but he won't stop there. He wants Scarlet too. Yet a split-second decision will endanger his life, and the two people he loves the most could be lost to him forever.

This steamy and heart-warming standalone story is the fifth and final novel in the hugely popular Marry the Scot series. Read how the youngest McRae brother gets his happily ever after.

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