Your love story deserves to shine

How do you take your manuscript from good to great? Are you stalling on hitting the beats? Are your early readers finding problems without being able to give clear guidance on how to resolve the issues?
Wish you could just have someone tell you how to make it better?

All good romances contain common factors - a hook to draw readers in, pace to move the plot on, satisfying character arcs. Whether you write contemporary or paranormal, steamy or sweet, these factors are necessary to engage and entertain your readers.

I’ve worked as a developmental editor for a number of years now, but I have always operated by word of mouth. I’m now offering this service more widely.

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A frank critique of your work from Editing for Authors will give you the roadmap you've been looking for. Make your next revision count.

A developmental edit provides guidance on:

  • Starting in the right place. Draw the reader in with all the right features in your opening chapter

  • Hitting the beats. Identification of pace that is too slow or too, and advice on how to fix

  • Character arcs. Where they need to begin and the necessary changes to get them to the end

  • Act and chapter structure. Clear goals, motivations, and conflict

  • Overall guidance on your writing style and any areas of improvement required, plus pointing to resources

  • Overall story shape, length, and feel. Where it fits in the market and where it could fit


If your manuscript is accepted, you will receive a detailed critique and edit letter that takes apart your story and gives you clear guidance on how to put it back again, and better. Your book baby will be respected and your strengths as a writer highlighted, but be aware, this can be a hard email to receive. It means work is required!

Once you've completed your developmental edits, you will have a much more marketable book, ready for copy edits (a detailed grammar and punctuation review). The final stage of editing is proofreading.

Investing in this service

If your manuscript is accepted, I will carry out the following:

  • Read through your manuscript twice before responding

  • Respect your book baby

  • Write a deveopmental edit letter giving you feedback on the areas listed above

  • Provide guidance in the text where useful

Investment price

According to Reedsy, the average cost of developmental editing is $2.1 per word, so around $1,860 for an 80,000-word manuscript. (From

My pricing structure is as follows:

  • $495 up to 50k words

  • $695 up to 70k

  • $795 up to 85k

  • $895 up to 120k

Manuscript acceptance criteria

To put your investment to best use, I only work on manuscripts that are complete. (For incomplete manuscripts, an outlining service might be more appropriate. Contact me to discuss.)

The manuscript should be spellchecked and free of comments or tracked changes.

Specific author requests

Is there a specific issue you are aware of that you can't tackle alone? Please tell me! This is your book baby and I want you to love it more after revisions. Likewise, if you are keen that a particular aspect shines, I can help to find ways to show that to the reader.

How this works

Email me to make your booking now! I’ll advise of my next free time slot and further specific terms and conditions.


Predominantly, I've worked on contemporary romance, paranormal romance, dark romance, and romantic suspense.

My previous projects include:

Jen Davis - “Jolie is the first person I reach out to every time I finish writing a new book. She is the perfect blend of tough and supportive, and I know she won't hesitate to tell me what changes I need to make in order to create a better product. She has helped me strengthen character development, consistency, and emotional resonance in every novel I've published.”

Zoe Ashwood - “Jo's edits make my books shiny! <3 :) She's my developmental editor and I love working with her.”

Elle Thorpe - “Jo and I have worked together on my books for the past two years, so I know exactly how skilled she is with story structure and development. She can take a story from a rough draft to something you're proud to put out in the world.”

Anonymous author - “[Your comments] are very insightful and will help me a lot shaping this story to its full potential. I find your critique very on point and I hope I will be able to fix all the plot holes and other issues you've pointed out to me.”

Anonymous author - “I just wanted to say how impressed I am with your overview and the points that you found. Also, how you not only point out plot issues, but how you give examples to overcome them as well. You also pointed out positive things I do well, and where I can improve and gave me extra content to learn and grown.I am very impressed. I feel as if you went above and beyond.

I am blown away with your speed, detail, and desire to help me learn and grow to become a better author. I also love how professional you sound and have been to work with. All my doubts and fears (mostly rejection of my story) have been laid to rest and I didn't need need to worry in the slightest! Making it easier in the future to not worry when we work together again.”

Further Services

Please visit the Images for Authors Facebook group where we are establishing a number of services for Indie authors, including developmental editing and excellent value for money graphic design.